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The Nanolex Correct and Protect package, offers our customers a complete solution to restore and protect vehicles.
Correct & Protect

The Nanolex Correct & Protect package, offers our customers a complete solution to restore and protect vehicles.
The process begins with our extensive Paint Correction service, and is then combined with the Nanolex sealant application process, as described in the New Car preparation. This restores the vehicles gloss and definition, corrects paint defects and protects it from the elements or environmental contamination.

Correct & Protect

New Car Protection

The Nanolex New Car Preparation package is a complete solution for protecting customer’s investments.

Using the latest Nanolex Sealant, we can help maintain the appearance of the vehicle and ultimately the resale value.

New Car Protection


Over time, cabriolet hoods can become contaminated, lose their colour and become less hydrophobic.

We offer a solution for all Mohair (fabric) Cabriolet Hoods. This process includes a deep clean of the fabric cover to remove any contamination using specialist fabric detergents, then using professional upholstery cleaner, all remaining detergent and contaminants are removed. Once fully cleaned, the hood is then dried using Infra Red lamps. This allows a reliable bond between the fabric and the Nanolex Convertible Top sealant. Once applied, the Nanolex Sealant gives impeccable protection against the elements and produces a highly hydrophobic finish.

Cabriolet Hood Treatment

From £100
Glass Treatment

Nanolex have developed a market leading product for glass.

Smearing window wipers and difficult cleaning of bugs can be dangerous. For this reason Glass Ultra is a must have. Our service includes a deep clean of the exterior glass using Nanolex Glass Polish, and then Nanolex Glass Ultra is applied to all exterior glass. The result is a long lasting, super hydrophobic coating that allows for smear free wipers, easy cleaning of bugs, and at higher driving speeds can sometimes eliminate the need for wipers at all!

Glass Treatment

From £60
Maintenance Wash

Combining our Premium Wash service, with Nanolex maintenance products, we can offer a Nanolex maintenance wash.

Using Nanolex Prewash, Pure Shampoo, Tar Remover, Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover and finally Nanolex Washcoat, it is the ideal solution for maintaining the Nanolex Sealants applied to your vehicle. Nanolex Washcoat offers even more protection on top of the sealants, and further enhances gloss and water beading.

Maintenance Wash