Headlight Restoration &  Si3D Headlight Sealant Service

Over time headlights made of polycarbonate can become damaged by chemical and UV exposure. This normally results in a yellowing or hazing of the headlight lens cover. In most cases this damage can be corrected through a three stage machine polish using a series of diminishing compounds.
Once restored the Headlight is sealed with Nanolex Si3D Headlight sealant which provides protection against further chemical or UV damage.
Price £50.00 per light
(Based on pre-inspection to assess damage).

Nanolex Si3D Headlight has unrivaled characteristics. The sophisticated ingredients on which the coating is based generate an irreversible molecular bonding with the acrylic and polycarbonate surface. UV-stable ceramic and modified acrylic resins form the characteristic 3D structure of the Nanolex coating products, imparting easy-to-clean properties, scratch resistance and adding a brilliant gloss to the treated surface. In addition to the innate UV resistance of the coating, an armour of UV absorbers, radical scavengers and antioxidants guarantee optimal protection of headlights and lenses from UV-induced deterioration and environmental impacts.